Experience the Difference.

We take pride in providing healthy all natural local grass fed beef from

our own delicious Licking Valley Forages.

Our Farm-To-Table Philosophy

We believe that the fewer steps between our product and your plate, the better. That is why we locally process and package all of our beef and organize a direct delivery or pick up method. As the consumer, we believe that you have the right to know where your food comes from. Visits to our location can be organized so that you can have a consumer experience unlike any other and get to see the conditions that your beef comes from.  

Why Local?

At Licking Valley Cattle Company, we believe in regenerative farming. Our animals live on grassy fields, grazing freely the way that nature intended. This follows our back-to-nature approach, bringing ancestoral practices back into the public market. When you buy from Licking Valley Cattle Company you're buying beef from animals that have lived their lives in a happy, healthy, and natural way.

Why is local better?

When you purchase local beef you are not only getting a product that has had real care put into its production, but also one that is more naturally produced. There are no hormones or corn feed for our 100% grass fed beef. Our animals have the opportunity to move, live, and thrive in their lives in ways that industrialized farming does not allow. Buying locally produced products also supports our local economy by keeping finances within our community. 

Conservation Award of the Year 2022

Michael Breetz, founder and owner of Licking Valley Cattle Company was named Conservator of the Year by the Campbell County Conservation District in 2022.


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